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The world meets nobody halfway...

In life, there are winners and there are quitters. We don't always get what we want. Really? Well, that'd be the case if we really believed that. Actually, we always get what we want. That's a little scary, for many times we only call for trouble. Some of us think life is tough. I ask 'as opposed to what?'. It is all we have and it is what we have to make something great out of. Until we realize that, we won't be able to know our true potential.

I have been walking alone on the streets of Silent Hill for more than a few hours now. Since the time I thought of resting for a while, the silence had started to disappear in the fog. Suddenly there was this noise everywhere, the noise of a heavy metal factory. It felt like I was in the middle of an industrial area but all I could see around me was a fleet of row houses on one side of the road and a few shops on the other. Where could that noise come from I wondered. It didn't have any pattern or rhythm. It just was noise that would annoy anyone if they listen to it for more than just a few seconds and there seemed no way for me to avoid it. In some ways though, it helped me. It kept me going by transferring a kind of energy in to me. I felt like it was telling me not to stop, to keep on seeking for what I was supposed to find soon. And I knew I had to keep going. There was no time to stop as there is in life. The world meets nobody halfway, does it?
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Rishi Talreja
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