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The story of fear and hope - Living in Silent Hill

It all began with the word. The sound. A thought manifested in to reality and the reality began to emerge in to a nightmare.

I got a letter. Considering that people use writing as a medium to express something, I found it surprising that the letter said nothing. It was blank. But at the bottom of the letter, it was signed Isis. The silence in the letter seemed comforting although I had not known anyone by the name of Isis ever. It seemed ridiculous because the letter was addressed to me and it had Silent Hill written on the envelope. Did I really live in that town? I could not make out if I was dreaming so I just ignored it and I lied on my bed to rest for sometime.

When I woke up, I heard a melody played on the piano from a distance but couldn't make out what tune it was. I went straight to the window and I couldn't see the view outside properly because of all the fog out there. And I thought it was summer before I went to sleep. I like sunshine and its absence made me feel a little lonely. Something inside me was crying already and longing for its warmth. I had no idea what was going on or what I was supposed to do. I kept looking out my window trying to understand what had happened and I stood there for hours.

I was frightened by the sight I saw in one corner of the park in front of my apartment. It was moving. but it didn't have legs. It was like a bean bag only seeming rusty and bloodstained. How can a piece of cloth gather rust I wondered. And how could it move? I felt unconscious and woke up only after a few minutes. I felt a sense of hope. A hope that I'll soon find what I have been looking for. But I had to do something to get there. What, I did not know. I was afraid but I had the courage to try and find my self-worth. Or was it something else. I knew I was looking for something. And I had waited long enough but I was not sure what it was. The thought made me sound foolish and stupid but I decided to take a step and find out what it was all about. I needed peace.

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Rishi Talreja
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