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Stepping out and exploring Silent Hill

Not knowing what happened made me a little curious. I decided to go out and check what was happening to this place and find out how I got in to this town with a weird name. The piano that was playing in the distance had stopped by the time I stepped out of the apartment. And then there was another kind of noise. The kind they call silence. It was as if someone wanted to tell me something but could only whisper. Someone? God? Some supernatural being? I have a visually inclined mind and I tend to imagine things at times that don't really exist. But this town, I was sure, was not just my imagination. The silence was so heavenly, I could hear my own heartbeats. It was very scary though. It made me feel lonely. As if I was the only one left alive on earth. And it kind of seemed to be coming true because I realized, as I was thinking all this and I had walked for around a kilometer, there was not a single living being in sight, no animals even.

The lonliness I felt weakened me to the core. The fog and the chilling weather almost freezed me and I couldn't think logically anymore. In a weird way, the cold actually comforted me, it felt like a blanket that protected me from something worse that could be waiting for me that I couldn't even imagine can happen. Something attracted my attention suddenly. I found a picture on the ground. It seemed like a normal picture with three roses - two yellow and one white. In the background of the picture, outdoor tiles could be seen which meant the picture was taken somewhere outside and the flowers were supposedly held in someone's hands. On the back of the picture it was written, "I knew you better. March 5th 2010". The text seemed confusing to me but I liked the picture. I decided to keep it with me
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Rishi Talreja
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