Where wisdom strives to be perfect and perfection needs improvement.

Life is love. Love is life.

That's a line I read at the end of a movie I recently saw. And I couldn't help but think about life and its meaning, which I'll admit is one of my favorite pastimes.

Many people have asked me why I chose this name for my blog. I never cared to explain. Somethings do need to be understood. More so, people.

I believe life can never be perfect. We can work and work hard to do things perfectly. But life likes to surprise us. They say you must always be prepared for surprises. Why? I believe we should enjoy them the way life intended for us.

We don't always get what we want in life. But we don't know at times what's right for us. We must trust life to know.

That's wisdom. But if life's not perfect, how can it be? Its still immature.

We know right from wrong. We define for ourselves, and for others, what is right and what is not. But we still make mistakes.

We try to talk, explain ourselves, manipulate when we know we must listen, understand and accept.
We always put ourselves first - our obsessions, insecurities, fears, needs. Its not easy being in someone else's shoes but then life is not easy.

We knowingly or unknowingly hurt those we love and forget about it. And when we're hurt, we hold a grudge.

That's immaturity.We need to learn, to grow.

Life is our only hope. We achieve, we possess and we desire. That can change and we can lose all that. We certainly always do. The only thing we have to keep is life, which sadly we all take for granted.

Life helps us but we must want to learn. It takes time to extract joy from life but it is totally worth the wait. We must have patience. For life is nothing but a work in progress.
Observing life, Expressing thoughts, Being Immature, Being Wise.
Rishi Talreja
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