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Productivity - Solving a problem or creating one?

We all have been attacked by the productivity parasite, well most of us. We go through life as if every moment we breathe must be utilized to support our work. We constantly try to find ways to reduce the amount of sleep we get everyday to save a couple of extra hours. We use systems that not only track our activities but also suggest us what to work on the moment we are free after just finishing a task. Meeting a loved one, for most of us, involves going through our agenda to check if there are things more important which many times are and if not, adding to it a new entry to remind you of anniversaries and birthdays so you don't forget.

The technology that we use for managing our busy lives is indeed one of its kind. I, personally, love how we can track everything we do and analyse it and perform all kinds of operations. I'm not against technology in any way; I am a supporter in fact. What bothers me, and I'm sure few others, is the approach we have towards it. We've been trying to save as much time as we can so that we can work more and more. In that endless struggle to save time, we are forgetting an essential fact. We don't remember what we saved our time for. It is like a man saving money to purchase something and it takes him so long to accumulate the amount that he forgets what the money was for, blindly saving because he's in the habit. How many of us save time so that we can live life doing what we like and not to plan how to save more time?

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