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The Joy That Life Is...

Life is so taken for granted. To the most of us, being alive does not necessarily mean being grateful for it and feeling the joy it is to be alive another day. Sometimes, as I'm walking among the multitudes, none of whom I know, I feel astonished to see how similar we all really are. The obvious physical differences does make is difficult for most to realize it but not those who have their eyes always trying to figure what's it all about. It might be hard to believe those written testimonials to those who believe and have realized that there is another level to all this - to all of us... Something we cannot see or feel doesn't mean it doesn't exist. If our experts are ready to believe in the fact that we can sometimes see things that don't exist, why can't the reverse be true? They might label it as a disorder or disease but how does it matter? We humans, have always had a tendency to be afraid of things unknown to us... No, I'm not talking about god or some supernatural forces which could be governing us... I'm talking of the force we've within us. Try to stay alone for a couple of days not seeing any one at all. The loneliness tries to rip you off your energy making you feel all dizzy. When you feel you can't take it anymore, you go and hug someone you love. Even just getting near to them and not even touching, you'd feel the flow of energy passed to you. When you are always among people, you seem not to notice because you've been habituated to feeling it. That is why it is so hard for us to be alone. That force gives us the energy to stay alive, if being alive means being grateful for life and feeling the joy that life is.
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Rishi Talreja
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