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Dream! when you have nothing else to do,

Dream! when there are choices left few,

Dream! when you are high and you feel like flying,

Dream! when you are down and feel like crying.


Dream! that the wish you made would come true,

Dream! that the old would be replaced by new.

Dream! that you find meaning and worth in all that you do,

Dream! and believe that you are among those few.


Dream! that you find love in the tiniest of expressions.

Dream! that you never fail to notice and while you do,

Dream! and believe even if no one else does,

Dream! for dreams do come true!


Dream! the impossible dream and wish upon the brightest star in sky,

Dream! like a babe and wish to smile, never to cry.

Dream! my friend, for a better me and a better you,

Dream! my darling, for dreams really do come true! 

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Rishi Talreja
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