Where wisdom strives to be perfect and perfection needs improvement.

The smell of cigarette

Away from the chilly fogs of Silent Hill
Away from the desolation that can kill

I've run away
I'd no other way

From this strange, scary place
Where the streets have no name
Into my own secret mental place
Where no one plays no game

I need to leave this icy cold town
Where my heart only pains, I only frown

The smell of cigarette, Oh! it can be sweet
Some prefer cigars, others smoke weed

The comfort and pleasures of it umpteen
Even when a mere passive spectator, I've been

My heart perplexes, as it fills with desire
But I know I can't fight fire with fire
Nobody will even hear me speak
If I don't practice what I preach

I'd lose not much if I compromise
But I miss the one who can surprise

Its no wonder that ahead of me
Is the one in the karmic wheel of life
Isis, the one who exists, let the name be
The one who's supposed to cause some strife

Oh how will happy times and the smell of smoke
Assist you and cause you to grow
It is but, my friend, a petty joke
That in life, you either smoke to smoke or you smoke to show

And its times that test you
That'll prove your real worth
It was acceptance and not denial, I always knew
That causes us all much mirth

I shall give up my desire
For something far greater
For there's no smoke without fire
And it is fire that causes it all
But surely, be it sooner or later
Surely will I rise, now that I've had my fall

Observing life, Expressing thoughts, Being Immature, Being Wise.
Rishi Talreja
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