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Thou Ain’t Loved!

[From a time when I was a kid and a theist]

Thou ain’t loved my darling
Thou ain’t the one, whom every eyes seek
Thou canst make a heart desperate
In thy love; nor a mind weak
Thy gait can seduce no mind
The words thou speak, no lust can bring
With your own discipline, thy heart thou bind
Thy tranquil heart, for peace is no longer willing

Thou ain’t loved my darling,
As long as this blind world,
To see uses its eyes cunning.

Thou ain’t loved; for indeed,
This world needs not love but lust and greed
Where thou belong not to its breed.

Thou ain’t loved; but thou won’t grieve,
For on His shoulders, whom the world disbelieves,
Thou rest in peace, even on doom’s eve!

Observing life, Expressing thoughts, Being Immature, Being Wise.
Rishi Talreja
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